Beth Koigi

Beth is co-founder of Majik Water, a social business that provides air-to-water technology for water scarce areas. The Kenyan has succeeded in defying the elements by turning air into drinking water. Its futuristic device, called Majik Water, captures atmospheric humidity using dehydrated, sponge-like materials. Solar panels then heat the material and form water vapour which, once condensed, is filtered to turn into drinking water.

Together with her two British and Canadian partners, Beth Koigi is still immersed in the development of her technology today.

Today, Beth Koigi and her two associates are carrying out experiments in the field. In Kenya, Majik Water has been set up in a children’s centre and a school in an arid area. 500 children have thus had access to drinking water every day. In this East African country, access to clean water is sometimes a matter of life and death.